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JM Science Holdings, Inc. is a provider of a wide range of premium titrators and Karl Fischer reagents, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns, Shodex Refractive Index and Conductivity detectors, new Flom HPLC degassers, and various HPLC columns and accessories including Shodex, CapcellPak and Reprosil columns for all scales of high performance liquid chromatography. HPLC fittings, manual injection valves and HPLC solvent reservoir kits and just-recently added Deuterium and AA lamps can be purchased at exceptionally good prices!


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Save $500
AQ-300 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator
Save $1,200
Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator MOIVO-A19
Save $500
Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator MOICO-A-19
Save $1,500
Potentiometric Titrator COM-A-19Potentiometric Titrator COM-A-19
Save $500
AQV-300 Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
Save $500
COM-300A Potentiometric TitratorCOM-300A Potentiometric Titrator

Mercury Analyzer HG-400

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