The Aquacounter/Hiranuma MOIVO-A19 is manufactured in Japan , replaces the Aquacounter AQV-2200 series and has the following features:

・ 8.4 inch color LCD touch panel ・ 16 steps of angle adjustment of the liquid crystal display ・ Audio guide ・ Various LED displays ・ Manual reagent supply / discharge pump In addition, we have incorporated popular functions such as data management with USB memory, built-in thermal printer, simultaneous measurement of up to 4 types of moisture and titration!

Three optional autosampler choices are available-see pics below

Product features

1. Large color touch panel LCD

Largest 8.4 inch screen in its class.
It is easy to input characters on the touch panel, and each operation can be performed intuitively from the menu screen.
A protective film that can be replaced to prevent scratches and stains.

2. 16 levels of angle adjustment for liquid crystal display

We provide the best experience for each user.
Since the angle is locked, it will not fall down even if you push it.

3. Audio guide

Audio notifies you of the end of measurement, errors, and reception from the balance.
This makes it easier to check even from a distance.

4. Simultaneous measurement of up to 4 types

By adding a titration station, it is possible to simultaneously measure up to four types of moisture measurement and titration.

5. Built-in thermal printer

Equipped with a thermal printer with a paper width of 58 mm.
It can be set easily by inserting the roll paper and closing the cover.
The information you want to know is clear at a glance with Japanese printing.

6.USB/LAN connector

About 9,900 data can be saved in the USB memory.
With optional software, you can view results on a PC and use the "recalc" function.
You can also browse with a web browser using LAN.

7. User authority setting function

You can limit the users who can use it, which improves security
and prevents unintended changes in measurement conditions.

・Administration authority settings; Individual password settings

8. Status display by 3-color LED

You can check the operating status from a remote location.
You can immediately notice sudden troubles.

9. Easy replacement of burette head

To remove, simply pull forward.
Reagent bottles can be replaced with one hand.

10. Economy purge function

Repeat discharge and suction at the upper end of the syringe.
Reagent replacement work can be automated, and waste liquid can be greatly reduced.
The number of economy purges can be set from 1 to 99 times.

11. Reagent back-up function

Don't waste expensive Karl Fischer reagents.

12. Rotation speed can be set in 40 steps

The manually set speed is
easy to see and understand with the bar display of 10 LEDs. (4 steps per scale)

13. 2-color LED display for operating status

You can check the operating status from a remote location.

14. Manual feeding/discharging unit

A manual pump can be used to supply and dispense reagents.

*The titration cell is also configured with a drain cock.
In that case, the manual feeding/discharging unit is not included.

  • The image is an example of coulometric method

15. Small volume titration cell with low running cost

・The amount of titration solvent used is 2/3 of the conventional amount. Reagent-saving also
leads to reduction of waste liquid and running cost.
・Since the surface area and volume in the cell are small, blanking before the start of measurement
is quick.


Measurement method Karl Fischer Volumetric Titration
Simultaneous measurement function Simultaneous measurement of up to 4 types of moisture content (coulometric method/volumetric method) and titration (with optional expansion unit)
Titration control method Continuous dripping and intermittent dripping control only near the end point
End point detection method AC polarization current detection method, AC polarization potential difference detection method
range of measurement 0.1 mg H2O to 500 mg H2O (10 ppm to 100%)
background correction Automatic correction (can be set with or without correction)
burette Accuracy rate: Within ±0.1% (When discharging the full capacity of 20mL burette (new))
Repeatability: Within 0.01mL (When discharging the full capacity of 20mL burette, standard deviation of n = 6)
connecting tube φ2×φ3 PTFE tube
valve switching Automatic switching by ceramics ground valve
Minimum drop amount 0.005mL, 0.01mL, 0.02mL, 0.05mL switching setting
titration cell Standard titration cell: 150 mL (minimum volume of liquid used: approx. 30 mL)
Small volume titration cell: 75 mL (minimum volume of liquid used: approx. 20 mL)
or more
Display method 8.4 inch color touch panel liquid crystal display
display unit mL ( minimum display 0.001 mL), mgH2O , %, ppm
calculation function Concentration calculation, titration calculation, back titration calculation, recalculation, statistical calculation
file function Measurement condition files (measurement condition files according to the sample): 51 files
Sample files (reservation setting files for sampling amount): 99 files
Measurement sequence files for EV: 51 files
Number of data storage

Main unit memory: 100 data/channel (*) Depending on the capacity of 1 data (such as when there is a large amount of data for each elapsed time), this number of data may not be reached.
USB memory (256MB or more): Up to about 9,900 data

GLP-compliant functions (1) Reagent management
1. Remaining amount of burette, replacement date, and replacement alarm2
. Total discharge volume of burette and date of start of use3
. Indicator electrode replacement date
(2) Measurement accuracy test
(3) Burette accuracy test
(4) User management function
Manual feeding/discharging unit attached
printer Built-in thermal printer (roll thermal paper width 58mm)

Dot impact printer PR-302B (roll plain paper width 58mm) can be connected (Optional)
External input/output [MC-3000] RS-232C: 1 port for balance or HOST
LAN: 1 port
USB: 1 port (dedicated for USB memory)
[TQV-3000] RS-232C: 1 port for communication with evaporator
power supply AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz 110VA
size and weight MC-3000: 235W x 400D x 250H (mm) Approx. 5.0kg
TQV-3000: 120W x 340D x 500H (mm) Approx. 5.5kg (including burette head)
K-3000A: 100W x 165D x 175H (mm) Approx. 1.5kg
Manual supply/discharge unit: 180W x 260D x 300H (mm) Approx. 1.2kg


  • ●Dot impact printer PR-302B
  • Coulometric moisture measurement extension unit TQ-3000S/F/E (with K-3000A stirrer)
  • Volumetric moisture measurement expansion unit TQV-3000S/E (with K-3000A stirrer)
  • ● Titration Station TS-3000
  • ● Stirrer K-3000T (for titration)
  • ●Moisture vaporizer EV-2000
  • Moisture vaporizer for lubricating oil EV-2000L
  • ●Automatic Heating and Moisture Vaporizer EV-2010
  • ●Automatic Heating and Moisture Vaporizer SE-320
  • ●Automatic lubricating oil vaporizer LE-320



AQUACOUNTER/HIRANUMA Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator MOIVO-A19

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