Welcome to JM Science Holdings, Inc.  Our company was originally founded as JM Science in January 1989, and we have been dedicated to serving the needs of analytical scientists across the America’s.  We offer industry leading products in four different areas important to most labs:

  • Titration - Karl Fischer and Potentiometric titrators from AQUACOUNTER & HIRANUMA serving a wide array of applications, as well as parts, accessories, service and technical support. 
  • HPLC - chiral, semi-preparative and preparative HPLC columns from Shodex, Capcell Pak, and Reprosil for all liquid chromatography separations.  
  • General laboratory products - stirrers, shakers, balances, syringe filters and Smart Caps for HPLC.
  •  Lamps - a leading supplier of low-cost deuterium and atomic absorption lamps for several manufacturers.  

We are consistently expanding our product lines, so please check back often to see our new offerings, or feel free to ask us if you have a special product need.  

Thank you for visiting JM Science Holdings and we are looking forward to handling all your sales, service, and application needs.  

For a specific HPLC column, please complete the customer inquiry form that accompanies each HPLC manufacturer's column heading.

Contact us:
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