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The Aquacounter MOICO-A19 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator is manufactured in Japan and replaces the Aquacounter AQ-2200 series. 


Large Color LCD Touch Panel

A large 8.4" touch panel screen makes text input easy. Selecting functions from the menu is intuitive. The protective film can be replaced to protect from scratches and wear over the long term.

touch panel display

LCD Display Adjustable in 16 Positions

Each user can adjust the angle to their liking. The position can be locked so that it will not move when the screen is pressed

display positions

Manual Supply / Discharge Unit

The manual pump supplies or discharges reagents.

discharge unit

Built-in Thermal Printer

Has a built-in thermal printer with a paper roll 58-mm wide. Simply insert the roll and close the cover to set it up.



Approximately 9,900 results can be stored on a USB memory stick. With optional software, you can view the data on a PC or use a recalculation function. With a LAN connection, you can also view the data on a Web browser.

usb lan

Status Indicator with 3 LED Colors

Colored lights allow you to confirm the status of operation from a distance. You will also be alerted to unexpected problems right away.

led status

Forty Rotation Speeds Can Be Set

Rotation can be adjusted manually in fine increments shown by LED bars—it is easy to see and understand. (Four increments per bar)

User Authentication Settings

User restrictions can be imposed for improved security as well as the prevention of inadvertent changes to, for example, measurement conditions.


Application Data

Product Specifications



Measurement method

Karl Fischer coulometric titration method

Titration control system

Constant-current electrolysis, and non-constant electrolysis at around end points only.

End point detection modes

Alternating current polarization potential difference detection

Measurement range


Display resolution


Background compensation

Automatic compensation (Can be set with or without compensation.)

Measurement accuracy

Within CV 0.3% (When measuring approx. 1g of 1mgH2O/mL water-methanol for 10 times)

Duration of measurement

FAST: 1.8mgH2O/min (30μgH2O/sec)

MEDIUM: 1.2mgH2O/min (20μgH2O/sec)

SLOW: 0.6mgH2O/min (10μgH2O/sec)

Titration cell

Double chamber electrolysis cell 150mL (Minimum anolyte volume: Approx. 100mL)

Electrolytic diaphragm

Ion exchange membrane


8.4" color LCD touch panel

Settings input method

Key touch input (English guide displayed)

Display unit


Calculation function

Concentration calculation, re-calculation, statistic calculation

File function

Measurement condition files (measurement condition files appropriate for the sample): 51

Sample files (reservation setting files for sample volumes):  99

Number of data storage

(per titration station)

Built-in memory: 100 data per channel*1

USB memory (256MB or larger): Maximum capacity of about 9,900 results

GLP-compliant functions

(1) Electrode management

 i)  Total electrolysis volume of the anolyte, replacement date and replacement alarm

 ii)   Total electrolysis volume of the catholyte, replacement date and replacement alarm

 iii)   Date of the ion exchange membrane replacement

 iv)   Date of indicator electrode replacement

(2) Measurement accuracy test

(3) User management


Built-in thermal printer (Paper roll width: 58 mm)

Optional external printer: Dot impact printer PR-302B can be connected.

External input/output

RS-232C: 1 port (to be connected to the balance or computer)

LAN: 1 port 

USB: 1 port (for USB memory only)

Power supply

MC-3000: AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz 60VA

TQ-3000: AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz 50VA

No power supply cable provided.


MC-3000: 235W × 400D × 250H (mm)  Approx. 5.0kg

TQ-3000: 10W × 250D × 160H (mm)  Approx. 2.5kg

*1 Depending on the volume of the results (for example when there are more pieces of data per hour created). 


 moico a-19


K-3000A Stirrer



Stirring system

Magnetic stirrer

Stirring bar

PTFE (φ8 x 30 mm): 1

Power supply

DC12V (supplied by titration station)


100W x 165D x 345H (mm)  Approx. 1.5 kg




Additional Resources

 Analysis Report Water Content in Petroleum Oil

 MOICO-A19 Installation Video

 Download the Brochure

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