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Modern medicine has been progressing quickly. "Home medical care" and "visiting medical care" are gaining attention as new forms of medical practices. Our electronic stethoscope supports these by enabling nurses to take patient vitals remotely and from the comfort of their own home. It can assist in the transmission of digital data through a PC, tablet, or smartphone to a physician in a remote area if any abnormalities are observed.

Remotely check patient




  • Record, replay and transmit: Data can be used for physician diagnoses.
  • Easy to Use: Our electronic stethoscope is designed to be used easily by healthcare professionals, useful with patients such as new born babies, children and adults.
  • Compact, lightweight and robust design: Our electronic stethoscope is 115x52x37mm in size and weighs a mere 100g. A portable strap can be attached for use. 
  • Selection of Frequency Mode: Heart sound, lung sound, arterial sound, and intestinal sound can be checked by changing the frequency mode.
  • 3 Different Frequency Modes: In Mode 1 (Bell mode), the low frequency band of 20 to 100Hz is emphasized. In Mode 2 (Diaphragm mode), the high frequency band of 200 to 2000Hz is emphasized. Finally, in Mode 3 (Wide mode), the frequency band from 20 to 2000Hz is emphasized. 
  • Auscultation sound capture, playback, and wireless transmission are all possible: With the built-in 2.4GHz wireless system, auscultation sounds are wirelessly transmitted and can be both recorded and replayed with the recommended earphone or headphone.
  • Excellent Transmission Range: Our electronic stethoscope boasts a transmission range of 5m to 10m between the stethoscope and the wireless transmission dongle (where no obstacle exists: transmission range is 8m to 10m; if being used in an area with thick walls: transmission range is 5m or less).
  • Fine biological sound detection: Piezoelectric film, which has a similar acoustic impedance to that of water (living organisms), enables the capture of fine vibrations within the body. 
  • wavePlot Application Software: wavePlot is an application software that records and displays the sound of the electronic stethoscope. wavePlot has a local database that is not a server client model, and data can be transferred externally by email.
  • Sound data is plotted in three formats: sound waveform, frequency spectrum and, spectrogram. wavePlot software allows for multiple waveforms to be displayed and compared. Sound data can also be replayed for review/diagnosis or sent for further review via email. 


Power supply Built-in Li-ion battery
Audio output Stereo mini jack
Wireless communication system 2.4GHz ISM band
Supported profile SPP
External dimensions 115x52x37mm
Weight 100g

* Japan medical device approval # No. 229AFBZX00007000. North American approval pending

 Download the wavePlot Application Software User Manual


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