Please call 1.716-774-8706 or contact us by email at and we will be happy to help you.
Pore sizes for all Shodex gels are published in the Shodex Pak brochure. Particle sizes are not published however they are available. Please contact us for particle size information or for the latest Shodex Catalogue.
A complete list of exchangeable solvents is available for most Shodex GPC columns. Please contact us for recommendations.
A complete Shodex applications library is available on CD-ROM. Specific applications regarding one of the many types of detectors that we sell or a Cosmosil reversed phase column application are available by fax, e-mail, or regular mail. Please advise us of your needs.
Leave the detector and data system on while turning off all other components up stream of the detector. Monitor the baseline of the detector. If the noise and the drift continue then the detector may have a problem and it should be shipped to us for service. If noise and/or drift stop then the problem may be with another component of the system upstream. In any event, contact us for assistance. We stock a full complement of parts for all Shodex and ERC detectors.
Store the column in the solvent it was packed in. Ensure that the column end fittings are tight and that the column is stored in near isothermal conditions. alternate suggestions can be found in the operator's manual. Call us for a copy if you have misplaced your manual.