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From "manual analysis" to "semi-automation" A variety of functions, such as an easy-to-read color touch panel and one-handed precision dispensing, support manual titration.


Titrate by one of the following methods

Titration Support

  • Recalculate concentration (last result only)
  • Shorten time by setting continuous dripping
  • Stores up to 99 points of titration volume
  • Three types of titration patterns

Dispensing Support

  • Can dispense a set volume
  • Setting of dispensing operation interval time
  • Set the number of repetitive operations
  • Totalize/non-totalize dispensing

Extended Functions

  • Host/printer/balance connection via RS-232C
  • Can also be used as a Buret for Auto Titrator (For COM-A19/1700(A) Signal code (P/N: HSJ832875) is required)
  • Optional magnetic stirrer
  • Easy replacement of Buret Head Conventional H-1700 can also be used


Capacity 20mL transparent syringe (with UV protection type protective cover)
Wet part material PTFE, hard glass, ceramics (hydrogen fluoride cannot be used)
Connecting tube φ2×φ3 PTFE tube (brown)
Reagent bottle compatible size 500mL
Valve switching Automatic switching by ceramic grinding
Action mode 3 modes (titration/quantitative dispensing/burette (for automatic titrator))
Display 4.3 inch color LCD touch panel
Discharge speed (1) Set from 0.01 to 40.00 mL/min. (
2) 3 types of ejection acceleration patterns (in titration mode)
Dispensing accuracy Accuracy rate: within ±0.1% (when dispensing the full volume of a 20mL syringe, at factory shipment (new))
Repeatability: within 0.01mL (when dispensing the full volume of a 20mL syringe, standard deviation of n=6)
External input/output RS-232C: 2 ports ①HOST or printer ②Balance
Power supply AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz Approx. 36VA (AC adapter included)
Size and weight 115W×255D×180H(mm) Approx.3.5kg (UCB-3000 main unit)
120W×215D×350H(mm) Approx.0.6kg (H-3000-20 burette head)

Operating Requirements for Titrator Equipment

・ Temperature: 5–35 °C

・ Humidity: 45–85% with no condensation

・ Atmosphere: No presence of acid, alkali, organic solvent gas, or rare gas

・ Other: No inordinately high amount of dust or particles.

     No equipment nearby that generates strong lines of magnetic fields.

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