VI-13 Manual Injector Valve for HPLC

FlomSKU: JM-225

Sale price$500.00 USD Regular price$550.00 USD


Injector Valve

     The VI Series is a new manually-operated injector designed for good sample reproducibility, ease of use and simplicity in installation and maintenance while employing a PEEK rotor seal for excellent solvent resistance. The design of the injector handle insert can be customized to meet a particular requirement such as an OEM application or for other purposes.  For instance, an OEM logo can be inserted to meet an OEM customer’s requirements. PEEK has excellent chemical resistance and is employed for the rotor seal. Durability and trouble-free operation is assured even when using alkali solvents. It is possible to select either PEEK or SUS316 stainless steel for the stator material. A unique hybrid stator takes advantage of the rigidity in SUS316 and the chemical resistance of PEEK. The unique design of the handle assures easy rotation.  The material used is PPS,which has excellent chemical resistance when compared to other materials.Valves are available in 2 different configurations and are aggressively priced.


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