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Watermark Coulometric Karl Fischer Vessel Solution, Item 1607, SKU 99683. Coulometric Karl Fischer titration is typically selected for samples with a water content of less than 1%, although samples with water contents up to 5% are possible. Anolyte and catholyte choices are based on the sample matrix, which in turn influences generator choice. Watermark® Karl Fischer reagents offer the best value and performance for Karl Fischer titration on the market today. With extended shelf life, rapid moisture determinations, and a stable end point, it’s easy to see why Watermark® Karl Fischer reagents outperform the competition. They are specially formulated to provide the ultimate in analytical performance. Pyridine and chlorocarbon free vessel solution which retains solvent properties of the chloroform-containing solution. Suitable for non-polar samples. GFS Chemicals offers Watermark Karl Fischer Coulometric Reagents in the following sizes: 500 ML, 6 x 500 ML, 1 L, 6 x 1 L. GFS Chemicals will supply all orders of Watermark Karl Fischer Coulometric Vessel Solution with a Watermark Karl Fischer SDS for review. Based in Columbus, Ohio, GFS Chemicals has Watermark Karl Fischer Coulometric Vessel solution in stock and ready to ship! Please note - this item is not returnable.

GFS Chemicals is a leading supplier of Watermark Karl Fischer, Coulometric Reagent, CFC Free in the USA.


DEA Controlled
Consult SDS before use. Not for direct food, drug or cosmetic use. For details go to For sale by GFS and its authorized dealers only.
Mol Wt.
Package Size
500 ML
Technical Name

Titer strength (mg/ml) 4.95 - 5.05 mg/ml

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 Safety Data Sheet

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