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The DP-11 Switching Delivery Pump from FLOM provides an innovative solution for solvent delivery and collection. The robust, durable design has an integrated linear drive for improved flow stability and reduced maintenance needs. With its compact size and compatibility with a variety of chemicals, this pump is ideal for a wide range of applications. Ceramic, PCTFE PTFE and FFKM make up the wetted materials while the advanced FLOM valves allow for the dispersal of solvent from a single line over five different lines.

Flom Switching pump DP-11 from JM Science in NY, USA


Check valve-less design

  • NO CHECK VALVES! This results in fewer maintenance problems and avoids the typical problems you get when pumping highly viscous liquids.

Can set flow to multiple paths

  • This smart pump can either dispense up to 5 separate channels, or continuously dispense just 1 channel, all in one device.

High chemical resistance

  • Ceramic and PCTFE chosen for the wetted materials provide high resistance for a wide range of liquids including strong acids

High accuracy flow volume

  • Accuracy : ±1.0 % or ± 0.01 mL Repeatability : ± 0.1 % RSD or 0.00 1mL SD (Measuring Mode)
  • The DP-11 offers high accuracy flow in both Continuous Flow and Measuring modes.

Superior reliability

  • Rugged design uses FLOM’s proven linear drive and a smaller mechanical load reduces maintenance frequency.

Improved Communication

  • Remote control thru RS232C communication and RS485 between FLOM devices


Product Name Switching Delivery Pump
Part Number DP-11
Pump Mechanism Concentric Revolving Control Piston/Reciprocating Method
Pump Flow Modes Measuring mode, Continuous flow mode,
One-shot flow mode ※when remote controlled
Measuring Volume Settings 0.001 ~ 9.999 mL
0.01 ~ 99.99 mL
0.1 ~ 999.9 mL
1 ~ 9999 mL
any of the above selectable
0.001 ~ 9999.999mL ※when remote controlled
Flow Rate Settings
Continuous flow 0.1 ~ 10.0 mL/min (8 mmstroke)
0.1 ~ 6.0 mL/min (4 mmstroke)
One-shot flow 0.1 ~ 25.0 mL/min ※when remote controlled
Maximum Pressure 0.5 MPa or less
Volume per Stroke 300 μL (8 mmstroke)
Measuring Mode
Accuracy ± 1.0 % or ± 0.01 mL or less, whichever is greater*¹
Repeatability 0.1 % RSD or 0.001 mL SD or less, whichever is greater*¹
Continuous Flow Mode
Accuracy ± 2.0 % or less, only when pumping1 mL/minor higher*²
Repeatability 0.1 % RSD or 0.005 minutes SD or less, whichever is greater*²
Special Functions Variable piston stroke (8 mm / 4 mm)
Piston quick movement (suction / discharge)
Flow volume correction
Port Type 1/4-28 UNF
Connecting Tube Diameters 1/8” , 3.0 mm , 2.0 mm , 1/16”
Wetted Materials Ceramic, PCTFE, PTFE, FFKM
Remote Control Signals Measuring: start measuring, end measuring
Continuous flow: start continuous, error
either one of the above sets
Communication RS232C , RS485 (between FLOM devices)
Dimensions 144 (H) × 79 (W) × 240 (D) mm, excluding protuberances
Weight Approx. 2.4 kg
Power AC 100 ~ 240 V (50 / 60 Hz) , MAX 80 VA
*1: Pure water : Pump Pressure ≒ 0.0MPa *2: Methanol : Pump Pressure ≒ 0.0MPa


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