Similar products also monitor liquid levels inside the reservoir but most of those are controlled by weight or light measurement which can give inaccurate measurements when solvent levels change. The Sonic Sensor System employs a sound wave transmitter positioned in the reservoir’s cap to accurately measure the level of the solvent in the 1 liter reservoir or the waste container. Sonic signals are converted into an electrical signal that can be shown as a visible indication of liquid level on a display. This sensor system provides safe unattended operation by automatically sending a signal to stop the pump when LC solvents get low or to switch a valve so that the extended analysis continues without interruption. It safeguards the loss of valuable samples and analysis time while preventing the waste container from overflowing and creating a hazardous spill in the lab. The basic system, as shown, consists of the main control module, one sonic probe, one 1L solvent bottle, one sonic probe for the waste container and one 20L waste container. To add additional solvent bottles, waste containers or additional probes, please call us at (716) 774-8706 or fill out the contact form. 

Sonic HPLC Reservoir Level Detection System


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