Single Channel Pipette

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Volume Range: 0.1-2.5 μL
Color: Black
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Enhance your laboratory accuracy with Single Channel Pipettes. This precision instrument is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce tiredness in the hand. Available in 9 sizes (ranging from 0.1-2.5μL to 1000-5000μL), it also offers multi-color range markers, digital display, and high strength material. Get easy control of the desired volume with the labor-saving light spring press, and find the size you need quickly with the color-coded handles.


  • Single channel: 0.1-2.5μL, 1-10μL, 2-20 μL, 5-50 μL, 10-100 μL, 20-200μL, 100-1000μL, 1000-5000μL, 1-10 mL; Multi-color range markers, 9 sizes optional;
  • Lightweight and ergonomic construction reduces user effort and fatigue, making it very comfortable to use. Easy suction and light spring action ensures effortless pipetting, helping to reduce hand and joint strain.
  • Digital displayadjusted delivery volume clearly indicated in the large digital display on the handle.
  • Constructed of high strength material. Anti-strengthening corrosion, alcohol disinfection; Enhanced anti UV linearity, UV sterilization.
  • Different colors are used to identify pressing handles, making it easier to select pipettes of required specifications.
  • Compatible with most pipette tips on the market
  • Equipped with Servicebio pipette tips, ensuring good air tightness and accurate pipetting volume
  • Calibrated according to EN/ISO8655 standard, with strict quality control to ensure that each pipette is a high-quality product

Pipette Operation

Forward technique pipetting (low density liquids) :

1. Press the push button to the first STOP;

2. Slowly release the button to the ready position to complete the aspiration of the liquid;

3. Deliver the liquid by gently depressing the push button to the first STOP. After a delay of about one second, continue to depress the push button all the way to the second STOP. This action will empty the tip.

4. Release the push button to the ready position. If necessary, change the tip and continue pipetting.

Reverse Technique Pipetting (for high viscosity or volatile liquids)

1. Depress the push button all the way to the second STOP for aspirating liquid, slowly release the button to the ready position to complete the aspiration of the liquidaspirating more than the preset volume;

2. Press the button to the first STOP and discharge the preset volume of liquid;

3. The remaining liquid should either be discarded with the tip.


Calibration and Adjustment: Take out the Service tool and place the Service tool as shown in the figure,  Turn the service tool clockwise to increase, or counterclockwise to decrease the volume.  Calibrate pipettes 1-2 times per year (depending on frequency of use)


Storage and Transportation

Storage and transportation in room temperature.


1. Before liquid handling, make sure that the pipette and tips are at the same temperature, hold the pipette in an upright position while aspirating the liquid , and dip the tip under the surface of the liquid to a depth of 2~3mmFill and empty the tip by several times to moisten the tip nozzle before pipetting (particularly when working with high-viscosity liquids or density different from water);

2. If the pipette tip is full of liquid, do not turn the pipette upside down or lay it flat to prevent liquid from flowing into the cavity. It is recommended to use a special pipette stand when placing the pipette;

3. Make sure to use it within the volume range when pipetting;

4. If it is not in use for a long time, it is recommended to apply special maintenance oil to the sealing ring;

5. If need to disassemble, please find a professional technician for maintenance.


Product Name

Product No.




Single Channel Pipette


2.5 μL

0.1-2.5 μL

0.05 μL


10 μL

1-10 μL

0.1 μL


20 μL

2-20 μL (For 10μL and 10μL-long tips)

0.1 μL


20 μL

2-20 μL (For 200μL tips)

0.1 μL


50 μL

5-50 μL(For 10μL-long tips,10μL tips)

0.5 μL


100 μL

10-100 μL

1 μL


200 μL

20-200 μL

1 μL


1000 μL

100-1000 μL

5 μL


5000 μL

1000-5000 μL

50 μL


10 mL

1-10 mL

100 μL

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