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The Shodex RI-500 series is a versatile and high sensitive RI detectors that can be used with various manufactures’ HPLC systems. It consists of an automatic start-up function, a double temperatur control and a validation wizard. The detector series are available as Analytic, semi-micro and preparative line up. The Shodex RI 500 Series Detectors is available in three models: the RI-501, RI-502, and RI-504. 


  • The automatic start-up function controls the complicated operations such as blank substitution and baseline stabilization automatically.
  • The validation wizard enables easy component validation. Improved double temperature control system shortens the required warm-up time and provides stable background.
  • The leak sensor automatically stops the pump in case of solvent leakage.
  • External input and output terminals and LAN (RJ45) communication ports can be used to connect various HPLC systems for an advanced automation.
  • Usable in UHPLC systems.

We also offer service and support on ALL Shodex detectors regardless of age. Contact us to find out more! 


Shodex Refractive Index Detector RI Series from JM Science Inc.

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Shodex RI Series Product Brochure

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