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OPTIZEN QX is invented to help scientists, facility managers, engineers, environment health experts and water treatment specialists to carry out the water quality analysis quickly and accurately. As the device provides voice service and more than 150 pre-programmed methods, the users can use it easier than other devices. The device is available for a continuous management, an improved and simplified analysis procedure and a simple, precise analysis for measuring water quality items such as COD, TN, TP, etc.

OPTIZEN QX Series are the water quality analysis system to reduce the correction time and improve the general precision degree. The devices use Hach's and Merck's pre-programmed methods (more than 150) and their convenient interface and automation function help you to perform an easy, quick and precise experiment.


  • Water quality analysis.
  • Standard curve drawing is possible by themselves.
  • High speed wavelength scanning.
  • Supporting a network printer connection function.
  • Supporting all-in-one cell holder (original size : 16, 25mm, quadrangle 10 mm compatibility).
  • Convenient voice service
  • A touch screen display using an intuitive user interface.
  • Using all-in-one cell holder enables the user to use all the cell conveniently and simply.
  • Easily and quickly call up the information that is being measured or analyzed by registering it in your favorites.
  • Using Hach and Merck kit’s pre-programmed methods (more than 150), one of the best water quality test kits.
  • Supporting software online update.

Pre-programmed Methods

Parameter Range Unit
Aluminum Alumin. 0-0.8 mg/L
Boron. HR 2-0 mg/L
Chlor Diox DPD AV 0-5 mg/L
Chloride 0-5 mg/L
Chlorine F&T AV 0-2 mg/L
Chlorine F&T HR 0-0 mg/L
Chlorine F&T MR 0-4.4 mg/L
Chlorine F&T PP 0-2 mg/L
Chlorine F&T RL 0-2 mg/L
Chlorine F&T TNT 0-5 mg/L
Chromium, Hex. 0-0.7 mg/L
Chromium, Hex. AV 0-0.7 mg/L
COD HR 0-0 mg/L
COD LR 0-0 mg/L
COD Mn III 0-0 mg/L
COD RD 20 HR 0-0 mg/L
COD RD 20 LR 0-0 mg/L
COD ULR 0-0 mg/L
Copper, Bicin. 0-5 mg/L
Copper, Bicin. AV 0-5 mg/L
Cyanide 0-0.24 mg/L
H2O2 0.05-5 mg/L
Hardness, Ca 0-4 mg/L
Hardness, Mg 0-4 mg/L
Hydrazine 0-0 µg/L
Hydrazine AV 0-0 µg/L
Iodine 0-7 mg/L
Iodine. AV 0-7 mg/L
Iron, FerroMo 0-1.8 mg/L
Iron, FerroVer 0-3 mg/L
Iron, FerroVer AV 0-3 mg/L
Iron, FerroZine 0-1.4 mg/L
Iron, TPTZ 0-1.8 mg/L
Iron, TPTZ AV 0-1.8 mg/L
Manganese, HR 0-0 mg/L
Manganese, LR 0.005-0.7 mg/L
Manganese, LR PAN 0-0.7 mg/L
Manganese, LR PAN 50 0.005-0.5 mg/L
Molybdenum HR AV 0-0 mg/L
Monochloramine LR 0-4.5 mg/L
N,. Ammonia Free 0-0.5 mg/L
N,. Ammonia HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
N,. Ammonia LR TNT 0-2.5 mg/L
N,. Ammonia Ness. 0-2.5 mg/L
N,. Ammonia Salic. 0-0.5 mg/L
N,. Nitrate HR AV 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrate HR PP 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrate HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrate LR 0-0.5 mg/L
N,. Nitrate MR AV 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrate MR PP 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrite HR PP 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrite LR AV 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrite LR PP 0-0 mg/L
N,. Nitrite LR TNT 0-0 mg/L
N,. Total HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
N,. Total LR TNT 0-5 mg/L
N. Inorganic TNT 0-5 mg/L
Oxygen, Dis. HR AV 0-5 mg/L
Oxygen, Dis. LR AV 0-0 µg/L
Oxygen, Dis. UHR AV 0-0 mg/L
Ozone HR AV 0-1.5 mg/L
Ozone LR AV 0-0.25 mg/L
Ozone MR AV 0-0.75 mg/L
P. React. Amino. 0-0 mg/L
P. React. HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
P. React. Mo 0-5 mg/L
P. React. Mo AV 0-5 mg/L
P. React. PV 0-2.5 mg/L
P. React. PV AV 0-2.5 mg/L
P. React. PV TNT 0-5 mg/L
P. Total HR TNT 0-0 mg/L
P. Total/AH PV TNT 0-3.5 mg/L
PAA 0.1-0 mg/L
Perman. Index HR 4.5-5 mg/L
Perman. Index LR 0.5-5 mg/L
Silica. HR 0-100 mg/L
Silica. LR 0-1.6 mg/L
Silica. ULR 0-1,000 µg/L
ULR Phosphate 30-0 µg/L
Zinc 0-3 mg/L


Photometrics System Single-beam type
Light Source(s) Tungsten Halogen Lamp & Deuterium Lamp
(Built-in light source auto interchanging motor)
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Spectral Bandwidth 1.8 nm (190 - 1100 nm)
Wavelength Range 190 - 1100 nm
Wavelength Display (setting) 0.1 nm
Wavelength Accuracy < ± 1.0 nm at 486, 656.1 nm
Wavelength Repeatability < ± 0.1 nm
Slew Rate About 7,800 nm/min
Scanning Speed max 4,000 nm/min
Photometric Range Absorbance : -3 A - 3 A
Transmittance : 0% - 300%
Photometric Accuracy 5 mAbs at 0.0 - 0.5 A
< 1% at 0.50 - 2.0 A at 546 nm
Photometric Repeatability ± 0.003 at 1.0 A
Baseline Stability < 0.001 A/h
Baseline Flatness < 0.003 A/h (220 - 1050 nm)
Stray Light < 0.05%T (220 nm, 340nm)
Monochromator Czerny-Turner type with 1200 lines/nm blazed grating
Standard Cell Holder Automatic Rotary type 8-position Multi-Cell Holder
Lamp Interchange Wavelength 340 - 410 nm (Default 370 nm)
Operating System (OS) Windows® CE
Display 7 inch color LCD with touch screen
Control Options Onboard with built-in touchscreen, Computer
Dimensions (W*D*H) 433 mm*381 mm*180 mm
Power Requirement 100 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz
Weight 8 kg
Preprogrammed Method > 80 (Hach), > 130 (Merck)
PC Software (optional) OPTIZEN View for Windows®

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