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The Aquacounter Potentiometric Titrator COM-A19 is a reliable and accurate solution for automated titration. High-accuracy burettes and electrochemical sensors provide results with reduced human error, while expanded features meet the evolving needs of users. Experience professional, accurate titration with the COM-A19.

This model replaces Aquacounter COM-1700 series.


Large Color LCD Touch Panel

A large 8.4" touch panel screen makes text input easy. Selecting functions from the menu is intuitive. The protective film can be replaced to protect from scratches and wear over the long term.

Autosampler options are pictured. Choose between 12, 24 and 48 position autosamplers.

lcd panel

LCD Display Adjustable in 16 Positions

Each user can adjust the angle to their liking. The position can be locked so that it will not move when the screen is pressed

Two Types of Titration in Parallel

Add a titration station and stirrer to carry out two types of titration in parallel.

parallel titration


Built-in Thermal Printer

Has a built-in thermal printer with a paper roll 58-mm wide. Simply insert the roll and close the cover to set it up.



Approximately 9,900 results can be stored on a USB memory stick. With optional software, you can view the data on a PC or use a recalculation function. With a LAN connection, you can also view the data on a Web browser.

usb uplink

User Authentication Settings

User restrictions can be imposed for improved security as well as the prevention of inadvertent changes to, for example, measurement conditions.


Status Indicator with 3 LED Colors

Colored lights allow you to confirm the status of operation from a distance. You will also be alerted to unexpected problems right away.

titration progress

Easy Burette Head Replacement

Simply slide toward you to remove. Can be replaced, together with the reagent bottle, using just one hand. With multiple buret heads, you can quickly manage different titrants simply by switching them.

burette head replacement

Economical Purge Function

Repeat discharging/charging at the top end of the syringe. Reagents can be replaced automatically, which greatly reduces waste fluid. The number of economical purge cycles can be set from 1 to 99.

purge function

Forty Rotation Speeds Can Be Set

Rotation can be adjusted manually in fine increments shown by LED bars—it is easy to see and understand. (Four increments per bar)

rotation speed



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COM-A19 Automatic Titrator



Parallel measurement

Up to two types of measurement can be performed in parallel (with optional titration station (and stirrer))

Titration method

Potentiometric titration

Control system

Microcomputer-assisted control system for drip volume and waiting time

Titration modes

Learn titration, Auto Inflection-point detection, Set-point detection, Set/Auto end point detection, Inflection point detection, Set-point detection, Inflection/Set point detection Cross-point (F, B, V1, V2) detection, TAN/TBN in petroleum products (Oil1/Oil2)

Petroleum products neutralization value test (1, 2)

Other functions: pH-Stat (1, 2), pH measurement, Dispensing, Calculation, pKa measurement

End point detection modes

Auto-detection using a second derivative (with smoothing function), Set-point detection, Cross-point detection

Number of endpoints detected

Up to 5 end points with a Learn titration file or linked method files   Learn titration: 5 end points max. When conditions linked: 5 end points max.


8.4" color LCD touch panel

Displayed content

Titration conditions, data per drip, titration results, titration curve, differential curve, list of titration results, statistics calculation results, condition settings display, real-time display of fluid temperature during titration (when thermistor electrode is connected).

Storage of titration results (per titration station)

Built-in memory: 100 results

USB memory: (256MB or larger) maximum capacity of about 9,900 results

Settings input method

Key touch input (English guide displayed)

Sample data

Sample No.: 2 digits, ID code: 16 alphanumeric characters

Master file

Titration execution files: 51 files

Conditions files (all titration conditions together  titration conditions summary)

51 files (method parameters, constant files, control mode files)

Number of linked conditions files

9 files (but up to 5 files of linked titration files)

Titration control mode files

Standard files: 51; neutralization value files in petroleum products: 51;

Manufacturer settings modes (0–11), blank modes (12–19), user setting mode (20–50)

Constant files (concentration calculation constant settings parameters)

51 files

K, L (constants), F (factors), M or N (molarity or normality), B (blank mL), S (sample size), T (temperature °C)

Sample files

99 files (Sample No., ID code, Master file and Sample size)

Auto input function

Function to automatically set constant parameters (blank, factor, etc.) for titration results

Ability to designate conditions file for automatic input


Concentration calculation, statistics calculations, pH automatic compensation

Branching function

After measuring the potential prior to titration, branching into maximum of two conditions files

GLP-compliant functions

1) Buret precision test, 2) Electrode check, 3) Buret use frequency (display/print), 4) Electrode maintenance (display/print), 5) Reagent level display and alarm


Built-in thermal printer (Paper roll width: 58 mm)

Optional external printer: Dot impact printer PR-302B can be connected.

External input/output

RS-232C: 1 port (balance or computer connection),  LAN: 1 port,  USB flash memory stick: 1 port

Power supply

AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz 60VA (MC-3000 only) 


235W×400D×250H (mm)  Approx. 5.0kg (MC-3000 only)


full setup

TS-3000 Titration Station



Burette capacity

Standard: 20 mL transparent syringe (with UV light shield protective cover)  Can be replaced with 5, 10, 50 mL burette head (optional)

Forming system

Vacuum forming

Wetted part material

PTFE, hard glass, ceramic (*1)

Connecting tubes

φ2 x φ3 PTFE tube (brown)

Reagent bottle size


Valve switching

Automatic switching by ceramic lapping

Discharge speed/ Absorption speed

Full stroke: 50-second minimum

(min. 25-sec. for discharge or absorption)

Can be set from 50 to 250 seconds in 25-second increments

(with a 20-mL syringe)

Minimum drip volume

0.00125 mL (with 20-mL syringe)

Buret accuracy

Relative accuracy: ±0.1% or less (with full capacity discharge from 20-mL syringe at factory settings (new))

Repeat accuracy: 0.01 mL or less (with full capacity discharge from 20-mL syringe, n=6 standard deviation)

Buret attachment

Up to 2 B-3000 Burettes can be attached simultaneously

Measurement unit attachment

Only the S-3000 can be connected

Auto cycler

Not available

Power supply

AC100-240V±10% 50/60Hz 50VA

No power supply cable provided.


120W × 340D × 470H (mm)  Approx. 5.5kg (*2)

*1: Hydrogen fluoride cannot be used.
*2: When measurement unit and burette head are attached.

K-3000T Stirrer



Beaker size

Up to 500mL

Stirring system

Magnetic stirrer

Stirring bar

Of PTFE (φ8 x 30 mm): 1 included

Rotation speed setting


Initial speed can be set on the main controller unit

No. attachable to electrode holder

1) Electrodes: 2,   2) Thermistor electrodes: 1,   

3) Burette tips: 3,   4) Bottle-top dispenser nozzle: 1

Power supply

DC12V (supplied by titration station)


100W x 165D x 345H (mm)  Approx. 1.5 kg



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