Hex Fitt Series | HPLC Fittings | Flom

FlomSKU: JM-254

Style: Hex Fitt P/N 9003
Sale price$55.00 USD


Flom has a wide variety of fittings in different materials to fit all the different durability, specs and application needs of most Liquid Chromatography systems. The Flom Hex Fitt Series HPLC Fitting is for 1/16" OD Tubing and is No.10-32UNFHPLC Fitting Hex head fitting for 1/16” tubing to get into those tight places. Tighten with a tool for higher pressure applications (40MPa). Quantity of 10 / pack for all styles.

Hex Fitt Hex Fitt Mini
Product Name Hex Fitt Hex Fitt Mini
Part Number 9003 9135
Material PEEK PEEK
Quantity per pack 10 10

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