Gastorr FG-32 2 Channel Degassing System for Fluorinated Solvents | Flom

FlomSKU: JM-382

Sale price$2,500.00 USD


The Gastorr FG-32 2 Channel Degassing System from Flom offers unparalleled performance and reliability when it comes to quickly and efficiently removing dissolved gases from mobile phases. Its in-line, full stand-alone design ensures continuous, optimal operation and superior results. Enjoy maximum product safety and purity with this degassing system while working with fluorinated solvents.


  • Designed for use with fluorinated solvents
  • Adjustable vacuum to match the vapor pressure of the solvent thus reducing changes in solvent composition and leaking of solvent vapor
  • Auto cleaning function prevents deterioration of the vacuum pump
  • CPU control assures stable degassing
  • Independent chamber design prevents solvent contamination
  • Real time display of vacuum level


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