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Size: 510uL
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The Gastorr BG-42 2 Channel Degassing System from Flom provides highly efficient removal of dissolved gases from mobile phases via a unique in-line, full stand-alone design. Its minimal reliance on helium sparging and vacuum system monitoring allows for optimal continuous operation and superior performance.

A trouble-free degassing system equipped with a larger internal volume (510 uL and 1020uL) and real time display.


  • Choose the right internal volume model for your application (510 uL vs 1020uL)
  • Low cost alternative for low flow applications
  • Auto cleaning function prevents deterioration of the vacuum pump
  • CPU control assures stable degassing
  • Independent chamber design prevents solvent contamination


Product Name Gastorr Solvent Degassing Units
Product Number BG-42-02 BG-44-02 BG-42-10 BG-44-10
Channels 2 4 2 4
Internal volume 510µL 1020µL
Flow rate ≦ 10mL/min
Vacuum range 100 hPa fixed
Thread size 1/4-28UNF
Wetted material Teflon ™ AF*¹, ETFE, PTFE
Remote control Input: -  Output:Error signal
Dimensions 108 (H) ×70 (W) × 240 (D) mm, excluding protuberances
Weight Approx. 2.1 kg
Power AC 100 - 240 V (50 / 60 Hz) MAX 80 VA
Order code SGA-G3003 SGA-G3004 SGA-G3005 SGA-G3006
  • *1:Teflon ™ AF is a registered trademark of the Chemours Corporation.
  • Note: cannot be used with fluorinated solvents.

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