Dual-Fitt High Pressure uHPLC Fittings Set | Flom

FlomSKU: JM-374

Quantity: SS/Carbon PEEK Set
Sale price$134.00 USD


FLOM has a wide variety of fittings in different materials to fit all the different durability, specs and application needs of most LC systems. The Flom Dual-Fitt uHPLC fitting is pressure rated up to 140 MPa (20000 psi ). 


  • Combination of Stainless Steel and Carbon/PEEK fitting and ferrules provides uHPLC level of leak-tight performance
  • Thread Type is No.10-32 UNF
  • Easy operation - prevents tube twisting during assembly
  • PEEK ferrule does not remain inside the port.
  • Considerably cheaper than similar products sold by the other brands

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