Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagent for Oils and Organics | GFS Chemicals

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Coulometric titration is typically selected for samples with a water content of less than 1%, although samples with water contents up to 5% are possible. Anolyte and catholyte choices are based on the sample matrix, which in turn influences generator choice. Watermark® reagents offer the best value and performance for Karl Fischer titration on the market today. With extended shelf life, rapid moisture determinations, and a stable end point, it’s easy to see why Watermark® outperforms the competition. They are specially formulated to provide the ultimate in analytical performance. 

Reagent part # is 5202 and is designed to enhance the solubility and hence water analysis in samples that contain oils or other organic non-aqueous compounds. Price is for 1 liter.  Please note - this item is not returnable.

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