Hydrophilic PTFE Economy Syringe Filter, 25mm, 0.22um

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Hydrophilic PTFE Syringe Filter, 25mm, 0.22um, Pink, 100pcs/pk, PN: DM14035


Q: Do you provide larger packing sizes?
A: Yes, we can provide 1000pcs/pk packing for 13mm NY and PES syringe filter, 500 pcs/pk packing for 25mm NY and PES syringe filter.

Q: What’s the difference between Economy and Welded Syringe filter?
A: Welded Syringe filter is equipped with double layer membrane which is ideal for pre-filter. The Economy filter consists of a single layer.
Q: How to choose syringe Dia. size?
A: When sample volume is less or equal than 10mL, 13mm syringe filter is adequate; when sample volume is less or equal than 100mL, 25mm can be selected; when sample volume is less or equal than 150mL, 33mm syringe filter is recommended.
Q: Can I buy the membrane separately?
A: Of course, we do sell membranes, multiple sizes are available, pore size range is 0.1-5.0μm, Dia. could be 13mm, 25mm, 37mm, and 47mm. Larger sizes of 90mm, 142mm and 293mm are also available. 
Q: Do you supply membrane with a grid?
A: Yes, membrane with grid is available.
Q: Can we print our company name on the syringe filter?
A: Normally we will supply syringe filter without any print or with detailed info such as NY 0.22μm. If you want to print your name, the MOQ is 100 boxes.
Q: Do you provide other materials of syringe filters?
A: Yes, we supply Nylon, PES. MCE, PTFE(hydrophobic and hydrophilic), PVDF(hydrophobic and hydrophilic), CA, GF, CN etc. And we also have double-layer, and sterile type.

Economically priced syringe filters with outer ring and available in 13 and 25mm diameters. Available materials include Nylon, PES, MCE, PTFE and PVDF. A choice of pore sizes are available in 0.22um and 0.45um formats. Comes with simple packaging to reduce shipping costs.


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