Chromaster AC Adapter 150W | Hitachi


Sale price$375.00 USD


Hitachi OEM AC Adapter for Chromaster Detectors when Organizer is not present.

Product Specifications

  • AC adapter (150W) - for Pump, Autosampler and UV/UV-VIS/DIODE array detector/RI detector *for systems that do not have an organizer


  • 5260/5280 Chromaster Autosampler/Autosampler with Thermostat/Thermo Unit
  • 5450 Chromaster RI Detector
  • 5430 Chromaster Diaode Array Detector
  • 5420 Chromaster UV-VIS Detector
  • 5410 Chromaster UV Detector
  • 5110/5160 Chromaster Pump/Pump with Auto-purge valve


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