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The Chromaster 5440 Fluorescence Detector from Hitachi offers superior user experience with a low dwell volume and minimal carry-over — enhancing both chromatography performance and portability. The detector's advanced technology ensures unparalleled sensitivity for a variety of applications, from industrial processes to pharmaceutical analysis. Its modular design and available accessories guarantee versatility and reliability.


High sensitivity with an S/N ratio of 1,200 or higher in water Raman

The detector incorporates low-light loss optics featuring a three-axis layout, Hitachi’s proprietary condensing mirrors, a slit flow cell, and an optimized transmission light monitoring method. This is a high-sensitivity fluorescence detector with an S/N ratio of 1,200 or higher (based on the baseline method) in water Raman.

Automatic wavelength check using a built-in Hg lamp

Similar to the UV detector, the 254 nm bright line from the Hg lamp can be used to perform wavelength checks in the UV region that is often used in HPLC analyses.

Fluorescence detector with a variable slit

The spectrometer slit on the fluorescence side is variable between 15 nm and 30 nm. For high-sensitivity analyses, use the 30 nm slit.

Included Accessories

  • AC Adapter
  • Data Cable
  • UI Pad

Product Specifications

Item Specifications
Light source Xe lamp, Hg lamp for checking wavelength
Wavelength range Ex: 200 to 850 nm
Em: 250 to 900 nm (Change photomultiplier at 731 nm or more)
Wavelength accuracy ± 3 nm
Response 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2 sec
Spectral bandwidth Ex: 15 nm, Em: 15, 30 nm (Variable)
> 1,200 S/N ratio of water raman
(Bandwidth 30 nm, Ex=350 nm, TC=2 s, Baseline method, standard cell)
Materials of wetted parts Quartz glass, Fluororesin, Stainless steel
Functions of GLP (a)Lamp energy check, (b)Wavelength accuracy check, (c)Lamp lighting time, lighting number of times, and replacement record
Flow cell Irradiation volume 12 μL
Thermostat flow cell Optional, Environmental temperature range: 4 to 30°C
Dimensions and weight 340 (W) × 440 (D) × 280 (H) mm, Approx.26 kg
Power supply and Power consumption AC100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)/330 VA
*The Organizer and the AC adaptor are not necessary.

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