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The Chromaster 5420 UV-Vis Detector from Hitachi presents superior chromatography performance and portability, with a low dwell volume and minimal carry-over. This detector's advanced technology ensures heightened sensitivity for any application, from industrial processes to pharmaceutical analysis. Its modular design and range of accessories provide versatility and reliability.


Low noise, low drift, and a high sensitivity detection

A noise level 0.5 × 10 AU*² (or less) can be achieved, allowing better sensitivity than ever. With a low drift of 1.0 × 10⁻⁴ AU / hr*³ (or less), these detectors deliver excellent baseline stability.
*2, 3 Under a specified condition

Two-wavelength simultaneous measurement function

The two-wavelength detection function* permits measurements at short data acquisition intervals of 400 ms* and 800 ms per wavelength. The result is chromatograms with sharp peak shapes.
*4 Controlled by CDS only
*5 400 ms is available only if the wavelength interval is 160 nm or less.

Hitachi UV Detector 5410 two-wavelength simultaneous analysis data

Included Accessories

  • AC Adapter
  • Data Cable
  • UI Pad

Product Specifications

Item Specifications
Optical system Double-beam ratio photometric system
Light source D² lamp, W lamp, Hg lamp for checking wavelength
Wavelength range 190 nm to 900 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1 nm
Spectral bandwidth 6 nm
Noise ≤−0.5 × 10⁻⁵ AU at 250 nm, 600 nm, under a specified condition
Drift ≤−1.0 × 10⁻⁴ AU/h at 250 nm, 600 nm, under a specified condition
2-wavelength measurement

2 wavelengths in wavelength regions 190 to 350 nm, 351 to 400 nm, 401 to 600 nm and 601 to 900 nm (D₂&W mode)

2 wavelengths in wavelength regions 190 to 350 nm and 351 to 600 nm (D₂ mode)

2 wavelengths in wavelength regions 380 to 600 nm and 601 to 900 nm (W mode)

(Minimum wavelength interval 5 nm, max. wavelength interval 160 nm with data sampling period set at 400 ms)

Response 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2 sec
Materials of wetted parts Quartz glass, Fluororesin, Stainless steel
Functions of GLP (a)D₂ lamp/W lamp/Hg lamp lighting time, lighting number of times, and replacement record (b)Key lock (c)D₂ lamp energy check and D₂ lamp wavelength check (d)W lamp energy check (e)Hg lamp wavelength check
Flow cell 13 μL (Optical path length 10 mm)
Thermostatically flow cell Optional, Environmental temperature range: 4 to 30°C
Dimensions and weight 340 (W) × 440 (D) × 140 (H) mm, Approx.14 kg
Power supply and
Power consumption
DC24 V, 3.6 A (Maximum)/87 W (power supply from organizer) Please purchase the AC adaptor (150 W) when there is no organizer.

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