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Capcell Pak silica-based HPLC columns offer an astounding array of reversed phase columns including Capcell Core C18, AQ, PC and PFP.

C18 columns are also available in IF2, MGIII-H, MGIII, MGII, MG, UG, ACR, AQ, CR, C8DD, PC HILIC, Proteonavi, LC-MS columns, MF, and Sucrebead for carbohydrate analysis.

New additions include ADME-HR which is a unique mobile phase consisting of an Adamantyethyl group which provides a hydrophobic interaction and high surface polarity resulting in the retention of polar analytes even under water rich mobile phases.


*Note that all MG-II and MG-III HPLC columns are listed separately on this website. 

HPLC Column Catalogs

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