Capcell Pak SCX UG80 | HPLC Column | Particle Size 5 μm

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Inner Diameter (mm): 2.0 mm
Length (mm): 250 mm
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Capcell Pak SCX UG80 is a polymer-coated strong cation exchange column in which sulfonic acid groups are introduced after applying a polymer coat that solves the problems encountered with conventional silica-type ion exchange columns. High durability and lot reproducibility have been achieved by using the polymer coating. Since the hydrophobic part is used as an anchor when introducing the sulfonic acid group, the column shows characteristic retention behaviour as hydrophobic interactions also come into play.


  • Since high-purity silica is used, coordinating compounds are not absorbed.

Irreversible adsorption by complex formation is not recognized because of small metal impurities in the packing material.

【Fig. 1】 Simultaneous analysis of eleven biogenic amines

  • Good durability

Si-C bonds used in the polymer film is more stable than Si-O-Si bonds of conventional silica-based SCX columns.

【Fig. 2】 Comparison of durability for 500-hour continuous flow


  • Good lot-to-lot reproducibility

An excellent reproducibility was obtained by performing sulfonic group modification on the polymer surface, instead of doing it directly on silica as conventional SCXs did.

  • Utilization of the ion exchange method with the ion exchange column and the ion-pair method with reversed phase column based on abundant data

【Fig. 4】 Comparison of ion-exchange mode and ion-pair mode
a) Eye drops

【Fig. 4】 b) Water soluble vitamins


【Fig. 4】 c) Cationic surfactants


Property Values


Pore size
Particle size
Specific surface area (m 2/g) C% Density (µmol/m 2) Functional group Acceptable pH USP
8 5 450 9 0.9 Sulfonic group 2~7 L9

Application Data

 Capcell Pak SCX Application Library

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