Guard Cartridge Column Holder | HPLC Column Holder | 10L

Osaka SodaSKU: Sage-48

Length (mm): 10 mm
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Depending on the degree of clean-up in the sample, if many impurities are absorbed into the column, a guard column is effective in preventing the contamination of the main column. Osaka Soda has two types of cartridge-type guard columns, one for general-purpose HPLC and the other for high pressure resistance UHPLC.

Guard Cartridge Column - For General HPLC

  • Use with a holder and cartridge set
  • The cartridge holder is the same for all cartridges with the same length, even if the inner diameter is different
  • The main column can be protected by simply replacing the cartridge, which is available at a lower unit price compared to replacing the main column
  • Can be connected easily by tightening with hand, no tools required
Cartridge Size Compatible Holders
2.0 mm id x 10 mm
Cartridge Holder 10L (12415)
4.0 mm id x 10 mm
2.0 mm id x 20 mm
Cartridge Holder 20L (12414)
4.0 mm id x 20 mm


*Precautions on usage: In principle, attach the cartridge to the holder by manual tightening. If leakage occurs with manual tightening, perform slight additional tightening with a tool.


Guard Cartridge Column - lineup of supported product grade

C8 DD/UG120/SG300/AG120
Others ADME-HR/Proteonavi/C1  UG120/C1  SG300/Ph  UG120/CN  UG120/SCX  UG80/NH2  UG80/PC  HILIC
Dedicated Columns MF  C8/MF  SCX/MF  Ph-1



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