Capcell Pak C18 MGII | Semi-Prep HPLC column | Particle Size 5μm

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Length (mm): 20 mm
Inner Diameter (mm): 10.0 mm
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The MGII series of Capcell Pak HPLC columns represents the pinnacle of 20 years of research and experimentation resulting in one of the finest reversed phase columns available. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is one of the most popular techniques of analytical chemistry. The performance of the analytical system largely depends on that of columns.

With MGII, the strongest silanol activity suppression is achieved by the most advanced technology (Ultimate Polymer Coating), ensuring good peak profile even under neutral condition, the most severe for the peak profile of basic compounds.

Due to the relatively higher surface polarity of the packing material, this column can be used for a wide range of samples, from polar down to hydrophobic compounds.


  • From polar to hydrophobic compounds

As a C18 column, MGII positions at moderate hydrophobicity and high polarity. It was developed to cover a wide range of applications of acidic-neutral-basic compounds, from low to high polar compounds. Easiest to see that the residual silanol activity was definitely controlled with MGII by showing the chromatogram of a basic compound, Amitriptyline under neutral mobile phase conditions in the Validation Sheet.

Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Osaka Soda columns

  • Strong correlation with the traditional 5µm & 3µm

There is an equivalent selectivity with the tradition lineup of 5µm and 3µm products and method transfer is possible.

Here is a case of method transfer and of shortening time of analysis by increasing the flow rate by taking an example of analysis of DNPH-aldehyde using CAPCELL PAK C18 MGⅡ S2.

【HPLC Conditions】
Column size : S2;2.0 mm i.d. x 100 mm
S3;2.0 mm i.d. x 150 mm
S5;2.0 mm i.d. x 250 mm
Mobile phase : H2O/CH3CN = 40 / 60
Flow rate : 200 µL/min
Temperature : 40℃
Detection : UV 360nm
Inj. vol. : 2 µL
Sample : 1. Formaldehyde-2,4-DNPH
2. Acetaldehyde-2,4-DNPH
3. Propionaldehyde-2,4-DNPH
4. Isobutyraldehyde-2,4-DNPH
5. Valeraldehyde-2,4-DNPH
6. Isovaleraldehyde-2,4-DNPH (1 µg/mL each)

  • Great separation

On the vertical axis of the Van Deemter plot on Figure 1. the Theoretical Height values are plotted. The lower the value the separation is the better.

The horizontal axis shows the corresponding values for Linear Velocity.

We have plotted values for 3 different batches of the new CAPCELL PAK C18 S2 and 4 other sub-2 micron C18 particles from competitor companies.

On Figure 2. all the 3 lots of the new CAPCELL PAK C18 S2 column exhibit high column efficiency and equivalent column pressure to the competitor products.

Chart 1. lists the Theoretical Plate Numbers to the different columns.

The superior reproducibility of the results between 3 different lots of CAPCELL PAK C18 S2 column is remarkable. We have achieved this by utilizing our strictly controlled particle manufacturing skills and the special column packing techniques acquired by decades of practice and improvements.

  • Oligonucleotide analysis

The “Oligonucleotide Ladder Standard” is separated on CAPCELL PAK C18 MGII S2(2.0 mm i.d. x 100 mm. A mild gradient is employed

【HPLC Conditions】
Column : CAPCELL PAK C18 MGII S2;2.0 mm i.d. x 100 mm
Mobile phase : A) 100 mmol/L TEAA*
B) 100mmol/L TEAA*,CH3CN
*Triethylamine Acetate (pH7.0)
Flow rate : 700 µL/min
Temperature : 60℃
Detection : UV 260nm
Inj. vol. : 4µL
Sample dissolved in : H2O
: The Oligonucleotide Ladder standard(Agilent Technologies)
※ 1 µg/mL = 1 ppm

  • With sharp peaks even under neutral condition, MGII finds more possibility for your analysis

Why do we insist on the analysis of basic compounds in a neutral condition?
Because drugs and physiologically active substances often have basic sites, many of our customers who employ chromatography, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, asked for columns providing excellent peak profiles for basic compounds.

Since MGII has succeeded in providing sharp peaks even under the neutral condition, there is no need to set up specific conditions for analysis even for basic compounds. MGII simply achieves your goals your way.

  • No.1 in the triangle properties (number of theory plate, tailing factor, pressure) and No. 1 in user friendliness

When you choose a column, what do you care about most? Isn't it separation, good peak profile and low pressure?

These factors have been compared. MGII has a higher number of theory plate, with a tailing factor most closed to 1 and lower pressure, presenting an excellent balance of the three factors. It is easy to handle even when you are using the HPLC for the first time.

  • Applicable in a wider range with excellent resistance to acid and alkaline

Thanks to the Ultimate Polymer Coating over the base silica material, you are able to use the column over a wide range of pH, from 2 to 10, while realizing high –performance separation.

  • Column with GLP/GMP support

In addition to Column Report showing the test chromatogram, the CAPCELL PAK C18 MGII Column (particle diameter: 3 µm, 5 µm) is provided with an inspection certificate as a GLP/GMP-supported packing material.

With MGII, 3 different lots are available for one shipment to facilitate you to set up analysis conditions for the first time. Please place an order for a set of 3 different lots. We provide the support to assure you a reliable setup of conditions.


Physical Properties

surface area
(m 2/g)
C% Density
(µmol/m 2)
Range of
acceptable pH
Octadecyl group 2 10 300 15 2.4 2~10 L1
Octadecyl group 3 10 300 16 2.6 2~10 L1
Octadecyl group 5 10 300 16 2.6 2~10 L1

Application Data

 Capcell Pak C18 MGII Application Library

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