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The Karl Fisher reaction is pH dependent. Most of the Watermark® titrants and solvents are buffered to counter samples that cause small pH changes. If the sample causes the pH to change outside the required 5 to 7.5 range, side reactions and slow kinetics are likely to occur. To counter the effects of samples with extremely high or low pH values, add a buffering material that will adjust the pH back to within the optimal pH range.

GFS Chemicals offers Watermark Karl Fischer Buffer solution in the following sizes: 500 ML, 6 x 500 ML, 1 L, 6 x 1 L. For volumetric analysis. May be used in place of KF Solvent 1610 for extra buffering capacity of 5 mmole of acid/ml.

GFS Chemicals is a leading Supplier of Watermark Karl Fischer Buffer Solution in the USA. 
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DEA Controlled
Consult SDS before use. Not for direct food, drug or cosmetic use. For details go to www.gfschemicals.com/terms.asp. For sale by GFS and its authorized dealers only.
Mol Wt.
Package Size
1 L
Technical Name
Suitability 0 - 0 Max
Sensitivity 0 - 0 Max

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