Alternative Agilent Deuterium Lamp G-1315, G-1365, G-7115 and G-7165 for DAD

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Alternative Agilent Deuterium DAD Lamp for G-1315, G-1365, G-7115 and G-7165

Part No. JMS-A200820 (OEM Part No. 3140-0820)

JM Science offers several kinds of deuterium lamps as an alternative of Agilent and Waters deuterium lamp. They are all totally suitable for use with Agilent and Waters instruments. Each deuterium lamp is individually tested, ensuring they meet manufacture standard before delivering to our customers.

The continuous spectral range emitted by deuterium lamps range from 160-200mm in the ultraviolet band to 600mm in the visible light, mainly relying on plasma discharge. These deuterium lamps are always very stable resulting in a high-precision analytical measurement instrument light source.

Deuterium lamps are a powerful technical tool for the efficient separation, identification, and quantification of chemical species, providing researchers in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, and environmental science with critical analysis approaches and experimental means.

Should any problem of the deuterium lamp occur under the normal operating conditions of the instrument, we will definitely exchange the deuterium lamp after internal testing. 


1. Easy to install and use.
2. High sensitivity to extend detection ability and improve qualification of trace analysis.
3. More than 2000 hours of service life.
4. Deuterium lamps have been tested for noise and drift specifications, correct operating voltage, light intensity and proper alignment.

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