Instrument: Agilent Deuterium Lamp for High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Does not come with an RFID chip which may be required. Please confirm before placing an order.

Model Number: DAD/MWD

Customer Lamp Part No.: 2140-0813, 2140-0590, 5181-1530 and 2140-0820


Part No. 2140-0813, 2140-0590, 5181-1530

Lamp, deuterium, long-life, Agilent G1315A/B and G1365A/B diode array detectors

Module Compatibility Detector
Use With Instrument
  • G1315A
  • G1315B
  • G1365A
  • G1365B
Technique LC
UNSPSC Code 39101600


Part  No. 2140-0820

InfinityLab long-life deuterium lamp, for diode array detectors with standard flow cell (G1315C/D, DAD of 1220 LC, G7115A) and multiple wavelength detectors (G1365C/D, G7165A)

Brand InfinityLab
Module Compatibility Detector
Use With Instrument
  • G1315C
  • G1315D
  • G1365C
  • G1365D
  • G7115A
  • G7165A
Technique LC
UNSPSC Code 41115701

Agilent Deuterium Lamp for LC - DAD/MWD


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