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The Karl Fisher reaction is pH dependent. Most of the Watermark® titrants and solvents are buffered to counter samples that cause small pH changes. If the sample causes the pH to change outside the required 5 to 7.5 range, side reactions and slow kinetics are likely to occur. To counter the effects of samples with extremely high or low pH values, add a buffering material that will adjust the pH back to within the optimal pH range. GFS Chemicals offers Watermark Karl Fischer Buffer solution in the following sizes: 500 ML, 6 x 500 ML, 1 L, 6 x 1 L. For volumetric analysis. May be used in place of KF Solvent 1610 for extra buffering capacity of 5 mmole of acid/ml.

GFS Chemicals is a leading Supplier of Watermark Karl Fischer Buffer Solution in the USA. 
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DEA Controlled: No

DisclaimerConsult SDS before use. Not for direct food, drug or cosmetic use. For details go to www.gfschemicals.com/terms.asp. For sale by GFS and its authorized dealers only.

Hazmat 3

Mol Wt. 0.0

Package Size 500 ML


Product FAQs

What is a buffer solution? 
A buffer solution is an aqueous solution with a mixture of a weak acid and a conjugate base. 

What sizes are available of Watermark Karl Fischer Buffer Solution?
Karl Fischer Watermark Buffer Solution comes in the following sizes: 500 ML, 6 x 500 ML, 1 L, 6 x 1 L. 

Why order GFS Chemicals Watermark Karl Fischer Buffer Solutions from authorized reseller JM Science? 
GFS Chemicals has Watermark KF Buffer Solution in stock and ready to ship. Based in Columbus, Ohio shipping times are minimized.  

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 Safety Data Sheet

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