Specifications The First Choice of OSAKA SODA C18 column for LC / MS analysis

CAPCELL PAK C18 MGIII is a column with excellent retention and reproducibility under acidic mobile phase conditions, which is widely used in LC / MS. MGIII is also designed as a low bleeding column, and ideal for high-sensitivity analysis with LC / MS. The UHPLC type (2μm) released as the new lineup of MG series has 100 MPa pressure resistance, and can be applied to ultra-high speed analysis.


Type Functional Group Pore Size (A) Particle Size Surface Area C% Density



pH Range USP
MG III C18 100 2 um   300(㎡/g) 15 2.4 (µmol/㎡) 100 MPa 2-10 L1


Strong correlation with the existing MGIII (5 µm & 3 µm)

CAPCELL PAK C18 MGⅢ S2 has the same selectivity as the existing lineup of 5 µm and 3 µm, and the analysis method can be transferred. Here we introduce an example of transfer method and shortening analysis time by increasing the flow rate, using the analysis of sulfa drugs with MGⅢ S2.

CAPCELL PAK C18 MGⅢ 2 µm (Part No. 94070)


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