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Portable Refractometer RA-130

Portable Refractometer RA-130

The Portable Refractometer RA-130 features a compact size, light weight and high precision measurement. Can store up to 1100 measurement results. Through supplied software and an infrared port, data can be easily transferred to your computer. It can display measurement results in Refractive Index (RI), Temperature compensated RI, Brix %, and the like. It also has three different sucrose conversion tables: Brix and isomerized sugar HFCS42 and HFCS55. 


Measuring Method  Optical detection of critical angle with NA-D line
Measurement Objects Liquids such as a water solution (fruit juices, soft drinks, organic solvents)
Measuring Range nD            1.32 ~ 1.50
Brix          0 ~ 85%
HFCS42   0 ~ 76%
HFCS55   0 ~ 80%
Accuracy  nD                 ±0.0005
Brix               ±0.2%
HFCS42/55   ±0.2%
Resolution nD                  0.0001
Brix                0.1%
HFCS42/55    0.1%
Temperature Range 10° ~ 40°C
Display Contents Refractive Index, Temp. comp. RI, Brix, HFCS42, HFCs55 and Temperature (°C /°
Sample number, data storage, data output, data deletion, battery alarm and the like
Data Storage 1,100 measurement results
External Output  Computer or printer (either, not both) can be connected
-IrDA connection is standard supplied
-RS232C connection requires optional RS converter for infrared (#029-0007)
 Power Source DC 3V (2x 1.5V alkaline AAA dry cells)
Battery Life 60 Hours (one measurement in one minute)

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