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Portable Brix Meter BX-1

Portable Brix Meter BX-1

The Portable Brix Meter BX-1 comes equipped with a wide measuring range that makes it possible to measure all kinds of foods. The device is able to be used with one hand, so it is friendly to both right and left handed users alike. The Portable Brix Meter can be used outdoors, and is unaffected except for when it is in direct light. The energy saving batteries can run more than 30,000 measurements. It has a shelf life of one year measuring 100 measurements/day. 


Measuring Range  0.0 ~ 85.0 Brix %
Precision  ±0.2 Brix %
Minimum Resolution 0.1 Brix %
Temperature Compensation Function Yes (10 ~75°C)
Display Brix%
Power Source Two AAA (alkaline) batteries
Battery Life 30,000 Measurements
Dust/Water Resistance Class IEC529 IP65
Main unit material ABS resin
Dimensions 45(w) x 32(d) x 153(h) mm
 Weight Apprix. 100g (excluding batteries)

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